Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

This is the era of visual excellence.  Many billions of pounds have been invested into the development of high definition screens for televisions, computer monitors and mobile phones.  Cameras are taking more detailed pictures than ever before and demand for these products is increasing all the time.  It is essential then, that your own vision is optimised to take advantage of this technology.


As a Varilux Consultant practice we are able to supply you with World leading lens designs at a great price.  For more information click on the links below:

Varilux Lenses

If you’ve noticed that reading and focussing close up has become increasingly difficult, you may be relieved to know this is a natural condition called presbyopia, which most of us experience sooner or later.
You may have heard about or even tried bifocal spectacles.  These provide a partial remedy to the problem by combining sections that cater for near and distance vision.  Whilst these lenses restore your reading ability and allow you see into the distance, the intermediate area may be blurred and there is an unsightly line across your spectacles.
Varifocal lenses provide the best solution as they combine sections for reading, intermediate and distance, which are smoothly graduated through the lens.  The world’s most widely prescribed varifocal brand is Varilux.  Varilux lenses offer effortlessly sharp and instantaneous vision at all distances, so you look and feel far more natural.

From the value for money Varilux Liberty NE, to the classic Varilux Comfort and the latest, most technically advanced, Varilux S Series lenses which offer the widest fields of vision and reduce peripheral distortions.

Within the Varilux range there are lenses to suit all needs and budgets, so make an appointment with us now and re-discover total freedom of vision.

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